Hayden Gabba

A Rotting Beauty.

I am currently working on getting my career going as a Master Esthetician, Cosmetologist, Makeup Artist; honestly anything that is creative, creepy & in the beauty industry. I find to be lovely.

All the ideas our here, and slowly I am letting them all to spew out of my head.

Lets have a chat (In gif form)

Hey everyone sorry I haven’t been keeping up on your questions and keeping you up to date.

I have been so busy with my college, finishing paper work, & getting ready to graduate high school. Now let me update you… in gif

So lately I have been having to go to my high school and stay in detention so I can walk.

Even though this has been so freaking annoying I can’t even start to say how freaking happy I am to be out of that hell hole they call an educational system

God I can’t explain how bad I want to get out of that place, so many dumb ass bitches..

I also can’t wait to see where I am going from here… aww this world is fucking mine.


The 15 Songs/artist I loved of 2011

Theses Musical Artists are very close to my heart, there song made me get through my 2011 year and will continue to help me when I am sad, when I just wanna say F$#* You, when I want to dance by myself, when I wanna cry to the beats, when I am looking for love. I want to say to each of theses beautiful people “Thank you” xoxoxo

15. Goldfrapp “I Wanna Life”

14. Britney Spears “Trip to your Heart”

13. Uffie “MCs Can Kiss”

12. Florence + The Machine “Dog Days Are Over”

11. Neon Indian “Polish Girl”

10. Florrie “Give Me Your Love”

9. Katy Perry “Firework”

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Today (In GIF form)

So I awaken this morning around 1:00 p.m., I’m not disappointed because I woke up late, but because i was going to get up at 5 to go jogging.

I have been trying to do this whole weight lose thing and well…

Its so freaking hard to change your eating habits,

your exercise plans…

and don’t get me started on counting everything you eat.. i’m doing that too… but im like,

But I will admit that after I work out I feel good about myself, rather sexy;)

ANY way… back to my day, so then I get up and go down stairs to cook another meal for my fat ass.

Then I’m asked to to clean the downstairs bathroom, well I heard my lil brother got in trouble at school.. so I ask him why, he says “I pushed over a desk & strangled a kid” im like…

"god your family must be horrible"…

then I had to get ready for beauty school…

then when i get their i clock and sit down in the class room,

5 minutes later some dumb ass white bitches start talking about me and my friend, im like

Honestly I can’t stand when people act that way, if you have a problem bitch… lets hear it!

But they do this because they know what will happen if my friend and I have conflict with them head on…

And so forth, I can’t stand the people at my college who think their better then me or others! AND their jokes are so stupid, whenever i hear it im like,


But i’ll be a little bitch back and do the face smile,

but don’t think i’ll laugh,

then after that drama & couple hours later I have this joke of a feast with a gurl and OH damn i was having a good laughing time!

It was just about murder, drugs and violence…

To much? hahahhah yaaa…

no one either got our horrible yet genius jokes…

So later I get home from there and i’m all a hot mess,

then I go downstairs and eat ice cream,

ugh… Its so hard to keep up with my health goals with all this silly stress i’ve been having, but i know I will get my body back

Well I better get to sleep so I can get up in the morning and go to hell:)

xoxoxo night everyone!

hahaha I love Brit Brit

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