The 15 Songs/artist I loved of 2011

Theses Musical Artists are very close to my heart, there song made me get through my 2011 year and will continue to help me when I am sad, when I just wanna say F$#* You, when I want to dance by myself, when I wanna cry to the beats, when I am looking for love. I want to say to each of theses beautiful people “Thank you” xoxoxo

15. Goldfrapp “I Wanna Life”

14. Britney Spears “Trip to your Heart”

13. Uffie “MCs Can Kiss”

12. Florence + The Machine “Dog Days Are Over”

11. Neon Indian “Polish Girl”

10. Florrie “Give Me Your Love”

9. Katy Perry “Firework”

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So last night

I saw Katy Perry

It was so freaking amazing!!


This woman can dance! She was so amazing/beautiful live! They both make me dance like no tomarrow!

The show in all was so freaking funny & gorgeous, fireworks, candy cane guns, pink clouds, Hersey tits…

After all the magic.. i was sad to see it go

katy perry robyn salt lake city concert dance music