Hayden Gabba

A Rotting Beauty.

I am currently working on getting my career going as a Master Esthetician, Cosmetologist, Makeup Artist; honestly anything that is creative, creepy & in the beauty industry. I find to be lovely.

All the ideas our here, and slowly I am letting them all to spew out of my head.

May tonight’s “Blood Moon" Eclipse give you nightmares beyond reality.. xo

"The Boy is a Vamp" For this look I wanted to do a #vampire that is dieing/perishing looking, none of that glitter twi shit. #makeup product used: bennye color cremes (Fresh cut, CS-3) & thier amazing “Monster Wheel”,
janeiredale mineral powder in “Coffee”, laFemme pressed powder in “Naturelle”, #glominerals eyeshadows in “Kona & Sable” also used their face primer, nyxcosmetics concealer in “Porcelene”, #bitebeauty pigmented pencil in “Pomegranate”,
revlon matte eyeshadow in “Aubergine”, blood is a non toxic form from a store I got in #provo #UT called #taylormaid xxx

So I saw the photograph on the left, so I thought id play around with it.

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