Hayden Gabba

A Rotting Beauty.

I am currently working on getting my career going as a Master Esthetician, Cosmetologist, Makeup Artist; honestly anything that is creative, creepy & in the beauty industry. I find to be lovely.

All the ideas our here, and slowly I am letting them all to spew out of my head.

The Sorrowful Clown (Makeup T)

13 Songs To Get You Moving This Halloween

If your like me, you’re totally obessed with this month & can’t wait for the parties to start this Halloween. One of my friends asked me to make a “Halloween Mix" of songs for a party. Now I thought of some common songs but I wanted to think outside the normal, every year songs. So here is a list of 13 Halloween songs that I think you guys should check out & will be perfect for Halloween. Heads Will Roll: Yeah Yeah Yeahs Fear The 90’s: M-Town Vice This Club is a Haunted House: Sharon Needles Living Dead: Marina & The Diamonds Forever Halloween: The Maine Bloody Mary (Remix): Lady Gaga Supernatural (remix): Ke$ha E.T (Remix): Katy Perry Get Away With Murder: Jeffree Star Ritual: Ellie Goulding Ghosts N Stuff: DeadMau5 feat Rob Swire Zombie (Remix): The Cranberries Power Glove: Knife Party

(Source: haydengabba.buzznet.com)

Empire of the Sun are an Australian electronic music duo from Sydney, they are one of my favorite bands. The main artist of EOTS has this amazing “white mask” look on most of the time, I wanted to recreate in my own way but still have that feel.

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