Hayden Gabba

A Rotting Beauty.

I am currently working on getting my career going as a Master Esthetician, Cosmetologist, Makeup Artist; honestly anything that is creative, creepy & in the beauty industry. I find to be lovely.

All the ideas our here, and slowly I am letting them all to spew out of my head.

It another day (In gif form)

So I wake up and noticed I had high school… it was 2:00

I hate school with a passion but I should have gone so I don’t miss my work.

Then I start to get ready for my beauty school

Now im just awaiting my ride… I don’t like being late..

I wonder what i am going to have today… if its anything hard! imma

Oh well its just another day, I always find a way to make things better for myself anyway.

Its crazy how much objects can make us remember moments in life, times when we recall good memories & times when we wish to forget. Im cleaning my room right now and I found my krishna Bag I got two years ago from the temple in payson. I can remember the day my past friends and I went there for the india day, I remember I didnt have much money but me and old friend found them and she bought them for us. Im looking at it now, blue with faded green with lovely red writing… There also is a big hole on one of the bottom sides (hahaha) im shocked it lasted as long as it did, this bag was with me for two years. I can smell the dyes within the fabric… I remember walking in mapleton on a summers day, yet it started to rain.. But I kept walking, & by the time I had gotten home I could smell the chemicals that were within the stitching that I do now.. But now its just the calming smell of faded memories.

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