Hayden Gabba

A Rotting Beauty.

I am currently working on getting my career going as a Master Esthetician, Cosmetologist, Makeup Artist; honestly anything that is creative, creepy & in the beauty industry. I find to be lovely.

All the ideas our here, and slowly I am letting them all to spew out of my head.

My Tumblr Page “Hayden Gabba” has turned 4 today! It only seems like yesterday I had my first hate post, my first f*ck you post, my first gif, my first day to the tumblr addiction. Thank you everyone who has supported it & I even wanna thank you assholes who will send me “questions” anonymously! xoxo

I thought to myself…. Why not a pink beard today?

Put your iTunes on shuffle and see the soundtrack to your life

  • Opening credits: Bounce (Iggy Azelea)
  • Waking up: Ring of Fire (Johnny Cash)
  • Falling in love: More (Peaches)
  • Fight song: Radio Gaga (Queen)
  • Breaking up: Something New (Girls Aloud)
  • Getting back together: Automatic (Nicki Minaj)
  • Wedding: The Day We Fell in Love (Appaloosa)
  • Birth of child: Be my Lover (La Bouche)
  • Final battle: Strawberry Avalanche (Owl City)
  • Death scene: Closer (Tegan and Sara)
  • Funeral song:Wildest Moments (Jessie Ware)
  • End credits: Living Dead (Marina & the Diamonds)

This is not only just a very gay life soundtrack… its hauntingly accurate.

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Chola Adele aka Lonely Gurl

This is the image of beauty…

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Me when I find a new song I like.


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